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Apple’s worms

Treep has finally come to the conclusion that it’s readers opinion is very important. This is the reason why today we are very proud to launch our first opinion poll!
Sit back, take your time, read carefully and speak out your mind!
The question is very simple as much as the problem is really serious: was it worse the first Apple’s worm, that was kind of changing every phone’s wallpaper with a picture of Rick Astley or the second one, targeting only Dutch people using the phone for internet banking purpose?
Please vote and leave your comments!


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Too rich to be poor?

<< Zanu-PF Ministers and monetary authorities claim that "Zimbabwe is too rich to be poor". They argue the country has too many abundant natural resources and a "world class" workforce to declare itself as a highly indebted poor country and go around the world carrying a "begging bowl">> (copyright Yellowbrix Inc.).

They are perfectly right. Zimbabwe is too rich to be poor. The problem is that Zanu-PF ministers are too dumb to see that they are the very same reason why their country is embroiled in this dilemma.

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GARP eNews Alert

GARP eNews Alert

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Icann plans a World Wide(r) Web

has officially approved a rule to to allow non-Latin-script web addresses, such as Arabic or Japanese . 4-24-2009_40609_lThis move is part of the liberalization process of web domains planned by Icann.
Sooooon, second-level domains will be available for sale, such as www.gianmaria.treep or www.awonderfulblogcalled.treep.
Considering this,what will be the future of the web? A truly global environment? A new Babel Tower? Believe in Treep, this will mark the beginning of the web 3.0 era.

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Taliban official arrested in Pakistan on 11th September

4-24-2009_40609_l On the 8th anniversary of the 11th september attacks, top Taliban official Muslim Khan has been arrested in Pakistan.
Is this a precise sign or just a chance?
No matter how facts really are, believe in Treep: the war on terror launched by the Bush adminstration has been a catastrophic flop. Multilateralism could surely prevent from these mistakes.

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I want to break free(ze): the Arctic Sea affair

pirate-space-ship What is the truth behind the Arctic Sea ship affair?
What has been the involvement of Israel in the event?
If the ship was carrying weapons to Iran, why did they choose that route instead of the Caspian Sea one?
Personally I agree with the thesis of Maxim Kononenko: the Arctic Sea, believe in me, was equipped with a laser to destroy intergalactic invaders.

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On health reform in United States

barack_obama2 Health reform will be a big challenge for Barack Obama.
What will be its consequence on other hot topics such as Afghanistan, Iraq and economic crisis?
Health reform has always been a delicate theme in US politics, but a thing is sure: Obama needs support from large parts of the american public opinion to face the pressure of pharma multinationals.

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Ladies and gentlemen,

in August Treep will stop posting.

We will be back in September with brand new ideas and projects.

Enjoy your holidays, and have fun!

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Who’ll be the next one?

October 2006: Anna Politkovskaya

January 2009: Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova

July 2009: Natalia Estemirova

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North Korea and Myanmar: increasing cooperation and threats

During a meeting in Thailand, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned against increasing cooperation between North Korea and Myanmar.

In the previuos weeks, the US Navy intercepted a North Korean ship carrying weapons bound for Myanmar.

How concretely the partnership between Pyongyang and Rangoon poses a threat for regional security in Asia?

What could be in the future the acts of the two countries towards the other states in the area?

I think that this trend could have deep consequences on local financial markets, particularly as fas as Thailand and Malaysia is concerned.

What do you think about it?

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